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 A new year :)

Freshman year. Started out with orange/golden highlights. Before school started, something happened during the summer and the same thing happened one day before school ended. I never thought I'd hate being 14.

Sophomore year. Dyed my hair in the Spring. Became a brunette. I joined my club. It was a fun year. I started to get involved with my community. That very year, I visited many countries during the summer. 

Junior year. ALL THE STRESS. Finally failed a class for the first time. I felt pretty disappointed in myself. I became totally lazy that year. I regretted it. I should've took APUSH as well. It was also a pretty fun year to hang out with my club members as well. I didn't go out with my friends a lot though. I focused on my classes instead. I'll make it up to them to hang out with them this year after the craziness.

Senior year, it is a beginning and an end. The end of being a highschooler and the beginning of our entry to reality. I'm starting with a new hairstyle. Back to medium length hair with a bleach job done. I hope this year would be fulfilling and fun. I hope I can get accepted to a good school and maybe find a major that allows me to go globetrotting/learn about many cultures/learn languages.

Hahaha, I look forward to my last year at AHS :)


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